How To Trace Your Income Tax Refund Check

Mon, Jun 29, 2009

Filing For Income Tax

Did you know that you can track your IRS income tax refund online after filing your taxes? The government keeps a Website called, ‘Where’s My Refund’ that is quick and simple to use. After placing a few pieces of information into the program, the IRS will show you on the computer screen exactly where you income tax refund check is.

How to find your income tax refund check online:

To use the income tax refund locating system, simply fill in the blanks for Social Security number, exact amount of refund, and the information on your tax filing status. This will take you to a page that shows where the refund check is located at that time. Checks can be in the mail, in the bank, or returned to the IRS for various reasons.

Changes in your address for IRS mailings:

The IRS income tax refund tracing program is set-up for users to put their new address into the system if their IRS refund has gone back to the IRS as unable to be delivered. When a taxpayer places a new address into the government tracing program, if they have any refunds sitting there, they will be sent out to the new address quickly.

How to stay safe while finding your IRS refund check in the system:

Around tax time each year, there are scams and frauds running by horrible people that would like to have your income tax refund personal information so that they can try to rip-off your identity or bank account. The IRS will never send you an email before you contact them to request communications. Do not click on anything in a fake IRS email.

Some users are hesitant to use their social security number online for IRS transactions such as is necessary with the income tax refund tracing program. The IRS is aware of the hazards of placing your Social Security number online. There is a free service through the IRS that will assign an individual ITIN number that can be used instead the SS number.

What to do if your IRS income tax refund check is not showing in the system:

When a taxpayer cannot find their income tax refund any place inside of the IRS Where’s My Refund system, it is not time to panic. It takes the IRS up to 5-weeks to put your information into the system if you filed your return by mail and up to 1-week for your information to go into that system if you filed your tax return online.

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